Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators


“What do you like about this group?”

“It’s my favorite collection of crazy people.”

“I love the discussion and how everyone builds on each other, even if it gets a little chaotic. That’s what’s good about it.”

“I like that it provides great support and it pushes me to be more accountable and a better writer.”

“The camaraderie, the feedback I get, and just the fact that I’m not alone in the writing business, because it’s such a solitary profession or endeavor. It’s nice to share all my trials and tribulations with other like-minded people.”

“I like just getting different perspectives on books, on writing, and also to commiserate, not to have to explain. Just to have people who understand, kind of, how it’s going sometimes.”

“I love the support system and all the knowledge and ideas that are brought to the table every month.”