“Where’d you meet your husband?”

“Um, a bike rally. A motorcycle rally.”

“So, you’re a biker chick?”

“I am a biker chick. Yep. I have my own. I’m not a passenger.”

“What’s it like?”

“What’s the bike like? Or what’s it like to ride?”

“Both, I guess.”

“It’s a Harley Davidson, a sportster converted into a trike, because I can’t stay focused long enough to keep it upright, which is kind of a big deal. And, what it’s like to ride? Freeing. You know, when you have a bad day, it’s ‘wind therapy’. Some people like to shop, which I also do, but it’s really just freeing and relaxing and you get to be alone with your thoughts.”

“I’m the founder of the Chrome Divas of Cedar Rapids. We are a women-only motorcycle organization that is involved in benefits for women and children in our area. So, we’ve done a lot of work for Waypoint, H.D. Youth Center.”