Riley – Alan’s best friend


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“So, how do you and Alan know each other?”

“We’ve been best friends since our freshman year of college. He lived on the same floor my brother lived on. My brother was a senior when we were freshmen. Coe [College] was really good about us being able to walk around and meet new people during the first week of orientation, and I don’t know, we’ve been together ever since.”

Alan: “Been best friends since.”


“My family likes weird names. My brother’s name is Satchel.”

“I call my brother ‘Bag’, or ‘Man Bag’. He’s actually named after Satchel Paige, but it works out better. I think it’s funny. My dad called it foreshadowing. My brother’s gay, and so he’s like, ‘We named him Satchel thinking, like, sports, but it turns out he’s a leather bag, so it also works out.’ But Satchel will not carry a satchel. His one rule.”