Riley 2“I’m in a band, Live Broadcast. The album we’re working on right now  is called Misfits. It’s kind of a story concept album that originated five years ago, and over the course of writing it, refining it, it’s developed a lot. Now it’s kind of in the final stages of getting the orchestral elements put in and getting it mixed. We’re talking to an artist from Ohio right now to do the cover art. All the final things are coming together. We hope to release it this summer.”

“Our music is very influenced by jazz, but the problems we have with a lot of new jazz is that it lacks a lot of melody and some pop sensibility. And so, a big thing we try to do with our music is make it complex harmonically but do it in a way that’s musical and accessible to a normal listener. But they can hear it and say, ‘There’s something different about this.’ It’s not just rock and roll, and it’s not just indie rock or whatever. We try to go one level deeper, I’d say.”

“What are some of our favorite places to play in this area?”

“We really love playing in Iowa City at Gabes and the Yacht Club. We play there a lot, and the crowd is always great. It’s also always fun playing at Groundswell. We’d love to play at CSPS sometime, but we don’t know how to get on the list!”