Mike and Cindy

Mike and Cindy“I’m God, that’s Nefertiti. Naw, I’m Mike. This is my sister Cindy.”

Did you guys grow up here?

(Mike) “Yeah, actually, I did. Then I stayed the hell out of Iowa and Marion for thirty years.”

Where’d you go?

“Everywhere but Iowa. I’ve been in every state but Hawaii. Canada, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.”

What were you doing while you were traveling?

“Getting drunk. Drugs.”

What were some of the things you saw when you were traveling the world?

“Hookers! No, mainly I went to the orient because I was always afraid. I wanted to learn to fight. I was like 5’2″, 5’4″ when I went in the Army. Three years later I came back 6’4″. They wall walked by me in the airport. Dad goes, ‘Well you grew some.'”

(Cindy) “Well his hair was died black at the time too. He’s always been the adopted one. We’re all dark haired. He’s always been light haired, so we told him he was adopted.”

(Mike) “They keep saying that, and they’ve messed with me my whole life, ’cause they all got dark hair and I got the light, but what they don’t know is I adopted them.”

(Cindy) “When we were kids, he went cryin’ to Mom and Dad, so they went for birth certificates. They had everyone’s birth certificates but his. They couldn’t find it!”

(Mike) “I threw such a fit they had to take me and get my birth certificate.”

Cindy, how did you come to planting a garden with you brother?

“He called and asked me if I wanted to go have lunch. I said, ‘Yes.’ He goes, ‘We’re going to stop by the garden and plant my seeds. So, I’m here.’

So this wasn’t a project you were planning on?

“No, I was planning on eating it, but I didn’t know I was going to get stuck-”

(Mike) “Yeah, whaddya think? Nobody gets a free ride.”

“This is gonna be s’ghetti squash. Ever had that? After you bake it, peel it out, and you can put sauce on it just like spaghetti. Or, you halve it, take the seeds out, and you put a bunch of butter and cinammon and sugar, foil it, stick it in the oven, and you got a dessert. Kids’ll even eat squash.”

Where’d you learn to garden, Mike?


“I kinda like this; they’ve got the dog runs.” [Community gardens are next to dog park.]

“Tell you what, usually between 8 and 10, the women out here look like they’re dressed for Gucci…like they’re out here looking to get laid instead of a dog takin’ a dump.”

“I live by one sentence, We create our own reality. If you can’t smile at yourself, well…and if I can’t smile at me I’ll make fun of you. I’ll smile with you.”