Lisa 2

“I’ve been here [Pierson’s Flower Shop on Ellis Blvd.] fourteen years, since I was eighteen. I moved down here to go to school for Floraculture. I started school mid-August, had this job the first of September, and I’ve never left.”

What’s kept you here for fourteen years?

The different people I meet, the relationships I’ve built with customers. There are some customers that I know their kids’ name, what they’ve done for the week, but I’ve never met them. Just meeting people on the phone, and after you’ve been here so long, they just know who you are. […] And Al’s a great boss, it’s fun to work here. And I don’t have to dress up in a suit to go to work! […] I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I mean, it’s family here.”

What are some of your favorite parts of the job?

“Getting to do weddings a lot of the time, because you can be creative with them. And when a family tells you, ‘Do whatever,’ for a funeral piece or something like that, just to be creative. And then when they call and tell you how gorgeous they were. I like doing stuff like that, just meeting all the different people.”

I suppose weddings and funerals are a pretty major part of your business.

“Funerals especially.”

So, what’s that like? How do you interact with a family?

“Um, some family members know what they want. Other ones you kind of have to guide them or let them look at the books and see things and go from there. Some of them, especially if it’s an older parent, they’ve already planned what they wanted, like what their favorite flower was and things like that. When it’s somebody younger, it sucks to do it. Or somebody, if you know them, that was hard. That was hard.”

“I had a friend of mine, an acquaintance, you know. Somebody we’d just hang out with, sit around the bonfire. Yeah, it was about two years ago, and his son came in, and said, ‘This is for         ,’ and to this day we’ll run into each other at my other job, and he goes, ‘You probably don’t remember me,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I remember you. I don’t usually remember everybody, but I remember you.’ And I got to connect with his family that way, which wasn’t very much fun, but at least I got to meet his family then.”

“Yeah, and then I was able to do my Grandpa’s flowers. That was something that felt special, doing his flowers. And I was able to put my creativity out there, so family could see what I actually do.”