“I was ready to retire, and so it wasn’t some lingering thing. I knew that I was starting to not be as sharp, and I felt that my field [residential remodeling contractor] required total sharpness, and so I went out on top. I had a reason, then, ’cause I loved it. It was really fun. But once I knew that, I just wanted to then step aside, get out of the way. So, I switched right to retirement.”

“What’s something that you’ve been waiting to do in retirement?”

“So far I’ve really enjoyed reading. I’ve read probably a dozen books–some of ’em are really thick! It’s nice to be able to stick with it. I don’t have to do it in fifteen to twenty minute segments, and I get a lot more out of it that way. I’ve always known that, but it was always hard to do that when I was employed, so that’s one great thing.”

“I want to find some purposeful stuff. I want to find something meaningful to do. I don’t want to, just to be busy, to be a greeter at Walmart, you know. Although I think I would have fun at that. I want to find meaningful stuff, but I’m not looking for employment.”

“Do you have any ideas about what you might find meaningful in retirement?”

“I’m considering writing a pamphlet on how to run a business. And I say pamphlet because I don’t think it would require a book. I don’t think it ought to be made long just because that’s what books are. Young ones coming into the field might appreciate some of that, just how to do it.”

“For some time, I wanted to play with comedy, and I don’t know the venue on how I would like to do it. I’ve never tried to write comedy, so I don’t see it as that direction. I don’t know. I’d like to do life’s lessons in comedy form, the golden nuggets of life in comedy form. That’s out there, but I haven’t started doing anything on it yet.”