“I just got this job doing social media management for Mission of Hope. I’m actually from Arizona. I’m from the Phoenix/Mesa area, so I’m used to like eighty degrees right now. I just moved here like three weeks ago, so I’m getting used to it, kind of.”

“I have a degree in English and Creative Writing from U of A, and I was doing social media management for car dealerships out in Phoenix, and then I got pregnant, and then just, things kind of headed south from there, and I moved out here for family. I had community service hours to finish up from some trouble I got into in Arizona, and I found this place. So, I was working in the food pantry initially getting my community service hours knocked out. After a while I talked to Martin and he realized I had a degree and had other skills to offer. So, I got a job here, which is really awesome. It’s like the last thing that I expected, but it’s really been helping me get back on my feet. And I feel like these are my people, so it’s cool to be able to help out in that regard.”

“What’s an example of something you do with social media management?”

“For example, today we do ‘Mission Mondays’, and it’s kind of a lot like you guys, actually. They’ve got all kinds of raw video footage and they interview people as well, so we’re putting together these videos that highlight each person’s journey as we go, like every week. So, this week is Cliff. They’re little five-minute videos that are edited by a Coe College student, and just put up on YouTube. They’re really cool, really inspiring videos.”

To see the “Mission Monday” videos, visit Mission of Hope – Cedar Rapids YouTube channel here.