Kayley (and Henry)

Kayley and Henry 1

“I found [Henry] online at petfinder.com. I just wanted a little buddy, and Italian Greyhounds are known for being very lovey and cuddly. I got him when he was eleven months old, and he’s going to be three in a couple months.”

How did you learn about Italian Greyhounds?

“There’s actually this girl who makes YouTube videos, Jenna Marbles. She has an Italian Greyhound, and her dog just seemed so awesome and hilarious.”

Kayley and Henry 2So, is Henry living up to your hopes?

“Yes, he is. Even more so. I mean, it’s a little bit more than I thought it was going to be, but it’s so…obviously Henry is like my BFF. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He’s my baby. He’s just like the best little companion you could ever imagine. They’re so excited when you come home. And when I’m stressed out or if I cry, he will seriously like get up on my chest and lick my tears. It’s so precious. He is just the most loving little thing, and he is so funny. He does the weirdest stuff. It’s never a dull moment with this one.”

*          *          *

“I was a crisis counselor at a homeless shelter for youth. So I did a lot of crisis intervention and trying to help kids learn some skills so they could try to create a healthy independent life for themselves.”

“I’m kinda looking to switch. I studied social work in college, so that was right along the line with what I wanted to do, but it turns out that is really stressful, and you do not get paid very much money at all. And you’re going to be living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life doing that kind of stuff. And I just didn’t want to be that stressed out, you know? I could just foresee the future being super stressful, so now I’m just working at a coffee shop in town. And I am actually working on switching to being a personal trainer. I fell in love with lifting and fitness, so yeah, I’m studying right now to be a personal trainer. I think I’d really love that. ‘Cause you’re still working with people and helping them make a healthy change in their life, but it’s just not as stressful. It’s like, nobody’s court mandated to go to the gym.”

“I think people that do that [social work] are tremendous, but it’s just not for me, you know? ‘Cause it’s your life, so you should be happy with it.”