“So, you work here in the Vault coworking space?”

“Just started in the Vault coworking space about twenty days ago.”

“Okay. What do you do?”

“Well, I’m uh…I don’t even know what–I can’t classify what I do. It’s so broad. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an inventor. I’m a father. I’m a creator. As far as creative arts go, I call myself a product artist. I get pictures of designs in my mind and I just make ’em. And every vision I’ve had about how an invention would work has always worked.”

“But I’ve switched temporarily to developing a computer software system to help my two kids that are going now to Kirkwood with their autism spectrum disorder issues, because they have a hard time transitioning from high school where it’s really, really structured to their own time schedule at college. They’re just, like, getting lost in the crowd. You know, because time management is your own problem there. So, I’m developing an app that will be able to take like a syllabus for each class, upload it to the cloud, and then do some special stuff on the backside to be able to actually have an app like this [shows us his phone] that will send them hourly reminders of what they’re supposed to be doing.”


“But getting back to what I really do, my real passion is energy efficiency, and saving this country a lot of money and oil. Making our environment better, because twenty some years ago, when the first gulf war happened, about right now actually, oil literally almost killed me. Our country’s oil addiction almost put me in the place of being killed.”

“Were you over there?”

“Yeah, I was. I was part of the liberation of Kuwait, which actually started probably tomorrow or the next day if I remember right. The ground war.”

“So, what kind of stuff do you do with energy efficiency?”

“Well, I created a product that’s called ‘direct drive energy’. I capture kinetic energy from, like, trucks going down the road, and I can run mobile refrigeration off that energy instead of using more diesel fuel.”