Jami“I came here to network and to bring more people to One Million Cups. I’m very dedicated to coming because when I first came, I looked around and I saw there were only maybe a couple women.”

“Really? There are quite a few women here now.”

“Yeah. A couple months ago I sat back and looked and was like, I think it’s officially working, because I’ve invited people. Every time I come I invite somebody new, and then encourage them to come back and invite somebody new. And I think that at this time we’re at least 50/50, if not a little bit over.”

“Why do you think it’s so valuable?”

“I think women just tend to not network as much as men. And they see that they’re not getting paid to network, so they think that they need to always be doing something that’s generating money. But expanding your network is going to expand your business. So, that’s why I think it’s important.”