“Part of the reason I wanted to come over here and interview you is because I think you’ve got a nice style.”


“So, can you tell us about your outfit?”

“Um, these boots are pretty killer. They’re Sorels. So, I can be in the snow. I tend to like, if I find a pair of boots I like, I have them for years, and for a long time I had a pair of motorcycle boots. And then I thought that they were looking too young. I was like, I gotta get a new pair of boots, so I went through like five different pairs before I got a pair that I liked. I like these. They’re really comfortable. The shirt, I made.”

“Do you make a lot of your clothes?”

“Some. When my youngest was born I stayed home for like 3-4 years, and I had way more time to get back into sewing. And I knit, so I try to knit my own socks and stuff.”

“Do you know about that knitting group that meets upstairs? We just interviewed them a little while ago.”

“Yeah. There is another group that meets out at Ladd that is a sewing guild, and they’re sewing uniforms for kids in Cuba and stuff. There are some neat groups that meet here. There’s also a fiber artists’ guild that comes in here and meets.”


“What’s your favorite thing about working here?”

“I mean, I get to look at books and music and movies every time I come to work, and you know, what’s better than that? And then I get to talk to other poeple about the same thing, so, you know. It’s a pretty good–I decided that if I was going to get a job it was going to have to be at a place where I wanted to be every day, because I never could really decide on something I actually wanted to do. You know, so I figured I should just decide if I had to spend my days somewhere, I was like, at a library!”

“That makes a lot of sense.”

“Right! It’s a great place to be. And there are really neat people who work here. You know? Everybody’s really smart and open, and pretty progressive.”