HannahWhen I was seven or eight I started taking theater camps here at TCR [Theatre Cedar Rapids]. I did it every summer. I loved it. And then I would try out for the plays in middle school and then in high school and just kind of got hooked. I was in my first actual show here when I was twelve. I was in the kids’ ensemble for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

In college, that was where I just fit. It was a really tight-knit theater group there, like my family. And I spent the vast majority of my free time there. I have a hard time imagining not doing theater now.


What’s your favorite character you’ve ever played, or your favorite show you’ve been in?

Can I give you a couple examples? The cool thing about Cedar Rapids and this area is I’ve gotten the chance to perform in a lot of different spaces, so I have maybe a top five favorite performances at TCR, and then I’ve got Brucemore and The Old Creamery. One of my absolute favorite shows was A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Brucemore. That’s actually why I came back to Cedar Rapids after college, because I got a part in that show and I wanted to be in that classic so badly.

What was your part?

It was Hermia. It was so much fun. The cast was just so lovely, and it was fun to be outside. And I love Brucemore, so it was cool being there all the time. It was literally magical.

Here [at TCR] I did The Importance of Being Ernest, 2012, and that was a really small cast. It was tight-knit, and it was a silly comedy. Beautiful costumes and set, and I loved that.

I just got to do the Glass Menagerie at the Giving Tree Theater, and that was a dream role for me, and also a very lovely…sometimes it comes down to the people in it more so than the show, because they make such a difference. Your experience can change wildly depending on the people in it. I’ve, for the most part, been pretty lucky. I’ve gotten to work with really great people. That’s the nice thing about doing it in the Midwest where people are, you know, typically friendly. You get to work with a lot of really nice people. Occasionally there’s a diva or two, but not many.