George Elossais – Iowa Big student EntreFEST Snapshot

george-1What brings you to EntreFEST, George?

“I heard about it from Iowa Big, which is a project-based learning high school in Cedar Rapids. They paid for me to come down here.”

What are you working on at Big?

“Right now I’m working on an urban farming project where we’re going to start using aquaponics to grow lettuce at New Bo. And then I’m also building an autonomous drone that visually tests for nitrogen on farm fields. And I’m also working with Shawn Cornally, the founder of Big, to develop our student information system that we call Barbeque.”

That’s all sounds awesome. Tell me about the drone.

“Yeah, so we started off with just a normal R.C. plane. It was a winged design with a two-meter wing span. And then we got this computer called a Pixhawk and put it inside, and hooked up all the servos to control it in there. And the Pixhawk is this really advanced autonomous computer that you sort of throw into the R.C. so it will fly itself and you just hook it up to your computer. It’s pretty sick.”

What’s been your coolest experience with Big, or kind of your best day?

“Really, like every single day you walk into Vault Coworking where it is, it’s always a new, different day. It would be hard to say. Every day is the best day really. There’s always something cool to do.”

How’s EntreFEST? Are you enjoying it?

“For sure. I’ve met a lot of cool people. Also learned a lot as well.”