Emily Carlson – Peplum & Paisley Sponsored Snapshot

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“Fashion has always been my passion. Even growing up, when I was a little girl, the paper dolls with the little tabs that you punched out, I loved doing those. I was always drawing little dresses. Of course, growing up in the eighties all the sleeves were very poofy, so I was always drawing dresses with these poofy sleeves and things like that!”

When did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

“About six years ago, I was working just kind of a boring job, paying the bills, and I decided I really wanted to get back into what I love. I realized the way that I’m going to be happy is in fashion. And what I love about fashion is designing.”

What’s one big thing you’ve learned since then that you would share with others?

“The most important thing I would tell people is, if you want to do this, do not give up. It is a very frustrating process. It’s very grueling. But if you truly want to do it, just get up every day and make a little progress toward whatever you’re working for.”