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Mahdi Eghbali Helping Us Grow

Mahdi describes sustainable development as activities that improve the economy, society, and the environment at the same time. “You can improve the economy, for example, while damaging society and the environment,” he says. His goal is to help businesses always keep that bigger picture in focus.

Aaron and Linda

“In order for me to walk back into this,” Aaron explained, “it had to have a purpose, a ministry behind it. With the pay-it-forward mission, the connection to people and local foods, it was something I couldn’t pass up.” The whole endeavor, he says, has been “a reminder of what I enjoyed about cooking, about spending time with people. I walk out with sense of satisfaction, a sense of purpose, at end of day.”

Jerry Campbell "Not your typical third-grader"

Jerry Campbell once got into a debate with his fifth-grade teacher over Civil War trivia. The question was whether Mound City had indeed been one of the famous ironclad Civil War gunships. When his teacher didn’t recognize the ship’s name and told him it was incorrect, he shouted, “You’re wrong!” in front of the entire class. Jerry, age eleven, was already a studied expert on the subject.

Alfunzo Brown

“I came to Iowa to visit my sister back in ’89, and I’ve been here ever since. I love being outdoors: hunting, fishing, just being in the beauty of nature.”

Hannah Kaiser

Hannah not only embraces the uniqueness of herself, but in others, too. She befriends others who are “different” and don’t have many friends. From her struggle with mental health, she relates to how they feel estranged from the world. She has a kind and sympathetic ear for everyone’s story.

Graeme Anderson You Have to Move

You can feel your heart pounding in your chest as you think about going inside. You have to go inside. You have to move. First, you have to look up, at this entirely new room, these entirely new people. This is karate. You are Graeme Anderson, 11 years old, and you have to move.

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E is for Ellary The Klein Adoption Story

“Most children are born into a family, and then some are born for a family.” Nate & Jenny Klein have faced unbearable hardship and incredible joy on their journey to build a family. Watch their story of perseverance as they complete their second adoption — 3 years in the making.

Betty Kiboko A love story

“I want people to love. Love, understanding is very important. I always think the troubles we have in life are because we don’t know each other. If you meet someone and have a good, friendly relationship with that person, it changes your life. Because you know them. You don’t just know about them. You know them.”

Jered and Shawn Camp Iowa Farm Sanctuary

“Saving five cows out of the cow industry of Iowa is nothing. It’s not even close to a drop in the bucket, but the impact that these five cows can make is huge. To have a place that people can come out and see the animals, and meet the animals, and pet them, and see how they interact, that’s how we plant the seeds of helping them get to where they can be more mindful of the choices they’re making.”

Zhen E Rammelsberg

“For the most part, my youth was wonderful and idyllic – until it wasn’t. I used to pray I wouldn’t look Asian. I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t want anything to do with Asian culture. I wanted to look American and I wanted all things American.”

Eric Gutschmidt Embracing all of life

Eric Gutschmidt has seen the sunrise from the top of a temple in Myanmar. The sun blossoming pink and dewy in the sky, the silhouettes of ancient temples on the horizon. He’s been to more than forty countries, seen more of the world in the last five years than most people experience in a lifetime. Eric has also seen the inside of a prison cell. There he felt the weight of a system designed to crush a person. He decided this couldn’t be his life.

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Saddah Hadish Pop-up Performance

Every day we go to work at Vault Co-working Space, we are greeted by the friendly smile of Saddah Hadish. Only recently did we learn she had a lovely singing voice, so we convinced her to sing for us and share it with you. Enjoy, and happy holidays from all of us at Flow Media! Click “Read More” to watch the video.

Angela Kettle – Mindfulness

People won’t get a cancer screening because of how they think they’ll feel if they get a bad result. People act in corrupt ways to get a promotion because they think it will drastically improve their lives. But people are flawed in predicting what they want and need in their life because of the focalism effect.

Knee to Knee Reflections on a Community Conversation about Race

On Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, Flow Media hosted a “knee to knee” gathering of thirty-some community members from different backgrounds to hear personal stories and have a conversation about race. This is the first reflective piece produced from that gathering, written by our summer intern, Aren Buresh. The conversation was extraordinary, and full of love. We hope this is just the beginning.