Alan – Riley’s best friend.


“Has anything exciting or interesting happened in your life lately?”

“I just turned 21. Thank you. It’s a happy time.”

“Where do you go to have fun in Cedar Rapids?”

“Um, I’m still learning, but my go-to spot before I turned 21 was always Chili’s. I love Chili’s. Can’t get enough of it.”

“Like the restaurant, Chili’s?”

“Yeah. It’s awesome. Great food.”

“I was expecting your answer to be some kind of bar.”

“I mean, White Star is awesome so far.  And I forgot the name of this other place, but they serve this drink called the ‘father’. It’s really good. I wish I could tell you the place, but…somebody took me there.”

Riley: “You probably drank too many of the fathers.”

“I did. I had a lot of fathers that night.”