No one is normal.


“Tell me about something you’re proud of.”

“I guess with pride, my first connotation is around LGBTQ pride, queer pride, and that for me…there’s a kind of fierceness and vulnerability that goes into that pride that I really appreciate. So, I like standing in that tradition of being proud. Also, I recently saw the movie Selma again and I had a moment of feeling proud to be in the office of clergy as I was watching that movie. It reminded me of why I felt called into this.”

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“I have one brother. He’s younger than me, but he’s like one of those over-achiever brothers that everyone thinks he’s older than me because he’s probably more mature than me…in some aspects. […] He’s a pastor now, was a youth pastor. He’s very intelligent, well read. And then, he also has this really crazy personality, like when he was younger. Very adventurous, so he’s kind of fun.”


“I grew up in the Dominican Republic. […] The economy was really bad. We didn’t have much growing up. One meal a day if we were lucky, maybe two. Meat, maybe once a week. Maybe three pairs of clothes at one time. That was it. Shoes, maybe one pair of old shoes. Books or notebooks to go to school, we didn’t have much. My parents would get one notebook and cut it right down the middle, make it into two. Pencils, like number two pencils, they would break in half and make two pencils out of one.”