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Graeme Anderson You Have to Move

You can feel your heart pounding in your chest as you think about going inside. You have to go inside. You have to move. First, you have to look up, at this entirely new room, these entirely new people. This is karate. You are Graeme Anderson, 11 years old, and you have to move.

Zhen E Rammelsberg

“For the most part, my youth was wonderful and idyllic – until it wasn’t. I used to pray I wouldn’t look Asian. I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t want anything to do with Asian culture. I wanted to look American and I wanted all things American.”

Angela Kettle – Mindfulness

People won’t get a cancer screening because of how they think they’ll feel if they get a bad result. People act in corrupt ways to get a promotion because they think it will drastically improve their lives. But people are flawed in predicting what they want and need in their life because of the focalism effect.